Our mission and vision

Set your mind… on a healthy lifestyle 

The mission of the Institute of Fitness and Wellness is to highlight, promote, disseminate, and support proper exercise and an active lifestyle. These are the prerequisites for a healthy society with active citizens. Our keywords are exercise, health, and wellness. Since time immemorial, physical activity promotes equality, teamwork, solidarity, and sportsmanship. It improves the body and nourishes the spirit. The ambition of the IFW is to strengthen sport education through teaching and instilling fairness and sportsmanship in young and old alike. An improvement in physical activity will result in an overall improvement in quality of life. Education supports the development of an orderly society defined by humanism and social cohesion.


The activities of the IFW cover a wide range of specialties in the field of sports, health, and wellness. GrActive, the highly qualified consultants of the IFW, will listen to your needs, evaluate your professional expectations, and provide the proper support to achieve your goals

GrActive standards

The performance of International quality signals based on criteria and the establishment of standards of proper operation, are our main priorities to ensure to our active members a controlled and upgraded operating framework but also to the users of their services the absolute security and sense of trust.

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Meet Our Strategy Partners

GrActive works closely with a group of TOP companies active in the fields of Exercise and Wellness.

The priority and common goal of this cooperation is the establishment of high quality standards for services and products aimed at Greek women and men, through which the safety and the culture of systematic gymnastics will be ensured as a path to Health, Wellness, Happiness, Prosperity and quality Longevity, in two words to Welfare.

Each of these companies has a unique success story, a narrative that makes its mark on professional and social development.

Let’s get to know them better.

Meet Our Strategy Partners